Cam Anh Nguyen is an illustrator based in Vietnam. She tells stories through paintings. She has experience with different art materials but found her soul in watercolor. Unique – Wholesome – Loving are what others would describe her illustrations.

Since 2015, Cam Anh has accomplished various illustration projects in VN, the US, and the UK, from book covers, children’s comics, character designs, and private commissions and commercial designs. She is extremely fond of traditional-culture-inspired projects. Animal is also her interest. She has been a social activist for animal rights and contributed to many non-profit projects, advocating and raising awareness about animal rights through arts.

Cam Anh is also an art instructor, sharing her expertise in the illustration on Youtube, personal blog, and workshops.

In her free time, she finds joy in drawing comedic short comics of daily life. Her narrative is towards her family, friends, and a squad of three cats – Phiu Thi, Cozy, and Sún.


Sổ Đỏ (2019)

Animal Asia – First Prize of Welfare of animals used in festivals


  • Hoa Cúc và Chim Sẻ (2021)
  • Ông Cọc, ông Dài hay là sự tích thần sông Kì Cùng (2019) – Vietnam Airlines / Heritage Magazine
  • Giáng Sinh Ở Việt Nam (2018)
  • Tết Kỷ Hợi (2018) – Animals Asia


  • Illustrator

Kim Dong Publishing House 2019 – Present

  • Illustrator

Animals Asia 2015 – Present

  • Character Designer

Tò He Việt 2020

  • Folktales Illustrator

Vietnam Airlines – Heritage Magazine 2016 – 2020

  • Illustrator

Self-Employed 2015 – Present