Hi, I am Cam Anh, a freelance illustrator base in Hanoi.

Born and raised in Hanoi- Vietnam, I am lucky enough to be living in a very modern and open-minded family. Instead of pre-deciding our future career paths, my parents let me and my brother choose what we wanted, and did their best to support us in pursuing our passions. As for me, that truly means so much because ever since I was a little girl, I have been deeply passionate about fine art and would love nothing more than being a professional illustrator.

I enjoy drawing animals, as well as the chance to meet amazing people who share the same love for animals as I do. Interestingly, the more I worked with them in various non- profit projects, the more I learned about myself and my ambition. I realize that what I need is not simply a stable career as an artist. It is the opportunity to be engaged in various animal-related illustration projects, to understand more about animal welfare and animal protection, that empowers me to always try harder every day, and live this life in the most meaningful way possible.